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My Whole Story

Are you comfortable? This may take a while..

I grew up in Culver City. I went to a Japanese Immersion elementary school so I spoke Japanese fluently by age 11. I fell in love with acting when I started high school, though I'd been acting for years already as a hobby at that point.

I got into my dream college! New York University's Tisch School of the Arts studying none other than Method acting. It was great! But expensive, and I wanted to work as an actor so I took a leave of absence after one year of straights A's and never went back. 

I booked my first ever television audition and thought I'd be famous in no time. Things kept building and I booked several co-stars on hit TV shows and even the lead in an independent feature! I modeled in between acting gigs. 

Then my dad died. It shattered my world. I never stopped acting but things just slowed down on their own..auditions started becoming self-tapes, people became less eager to employ non-diverse actors, I was now focused on my survival more than anything else. 

Then my mom got sick. I realized my whole life I'd thought I was a tough chick dealing with a harsh world, but now that I really was one? I didn't want to be. 

So I started doing comedy! Standup first, then improv, then clown. I met Lilly Singh and got to collaborate with her on over 30 comedy videos. 

Then the pandemic hit. I made a little web series while I watched most of my friends move to different cities. I went back to school and got my Associate's Degree in Business. I am a part-time field marketing manager with ten years of experience managing events.

There is still nothing that I want more than to be on a sitcom. 

I'm a character actor in a leading lady's body. 

I've literally never been better and more ready to be on a show than I am right now. I started exercising 5 times a week and my life is drama & debt free.

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